The Spirit & the Bride with the Living Water! Receive life from God the Mother

God the Mother
Come to the Spirit and the Bride – God the Mother!


Spirit and the bride – God the Mother – are Elohim God.


Have you ever heard about the Spirit and the Bride, God the Mother? Or, about the World Mission Society Church of God? If ‘not’, how about making time to read this article?  People say that the Bible wrote God’s will  for our salvation. Right! We can find out gifts of heaven in the Bible. What do you think the most precious gift is in the Bible? As for me, it’s none other than living water. God even promised that this living water is to be given by the Spirit and the Bride. In other words, whoever receives Elohim God is to drink living water! Members of WMSCOG have a deep faith that they are on their way to the kingdom of heaven being blessed with living water from the Spirit and the Bride(Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother)!


The Spirit– the Spring of living water!

We, who are living on the earth, are destined to face death in the end. Then, is there no way to eternal life? Of course, no one can live forever through his own efforts at all! But, when we come to God the Father who is almighty, we will all be changed. That is, God the Father will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body(Philippians 3:21) through living water. For this reason, it will be so great for all of us to receive living water. In the Bible, you can read so many verses which refer to living water.

  • My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water!♦Jeremiah 2:13
  • O LORD, the hope of Israel, ~ Those who turn away from you will be written in the dust because they have forsaken the LORD, the spring of living water!♦Jeremiah 17:13
  • Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him!♦John 7:38
  • I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life!♦Revelation 21:6

The Spirit is God the Father

Through these verses, God teaches us that we’ll be blessed with the living water when we come to God the Father, the spring of living water. Then, now, are you drinking this living water? If ‘yes’, who gave you it? Jehovah? Or, Christ Jesus? Unfortunately, we all are living neither in the age of the Father nor in the age of the Son, but in the age of the Holy Spirit! For this reason, we all have to receive God the Father, the 2nd coming Christ(Hebrews 9:28, John 10:16). As you know, the book of Revelation contains many things to be fulfilled in this last age. Among them, we are to pay attention to the prophecy of heavenly wedding banquet.

“Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his Bride has made herself ready. Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear.”(Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the saints.)♦Revelation 19:7~9

This prophecy is about God the Father, the 2nd coming Christ who is to appear in this last age(Hebrews 9:28). 2000 years ago, God the Father has come alone with living water(John 3:16, 6:54, 7:37~38). Then, how about at His 2nd coming? According to the Bible, He is to come along with His Bride for heavenly wedding banquet! Being invited to this heavenly wedding banquet means entering the kingdom of heaven(Matthew 22:1~14). This matter is mentioned again in the last chapter!

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life!♦Revelation 22:17

Living Water, finally through the Bride!

No one should add anything or take words away from God’s prophecies as long as he wants to be saved. The Bible never says, “The Spirit alone gives us the water of life!” In this last age, the living water is to be given only to those who receives the Bride as well as the Spirit(God the Father). Up to now, the Bride was a hidden secret to believers. However, now is the time to receive the Bride for the kingdom of heaven. That is, the Bride has already come to us! Who on earth is the Bride?As the Bible says, the living water is to be given finally through the Bride! No one will be saved without knowing the Bride at all. Could you say who the Bride is? The Bible gives the answer as follows.

  • “Come, I will show you the Bride, the wife of the Lamb.” And he carried me ~ and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God!♦Revelation 21:9~10
  • On that day living water will flow out from Jerusalem, half to the eastern sea and half to the western sea, in summer and in winter!♦Zechariah 14:8
  • But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our Mother!♦Galatians 4:26


Haevenly Jerusalem means the bride – God the Mother

It is to be remembered that the Bride, who gives us the living water along with the Spirit(God the Father), is heavenly Jerusalem, our spiritual Mother! – Means God the Mother. God exists always in spiritual world. But, for our salvation, we need the help of God in the flesh(John 3:16, 10:10). This is why God the Mother has to appear in the flesh with living water.(John 1:29, 3:16, 6:54, 10:10). In the age of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit and the Bride have come in the flesh with the free gift of the water of life for all of us. The Spirit(Christ Ahnsahnghong) established World Mission Society Church of God(WMSCOG) and led us to the Bride(God the Mother) as He promised in Isaiah 62:7!


33 thoughts on “The Spirit & the Bride with the Living Water! Receive life from God the Mother”

  1. I’m sure that I’ve received this gift of heaven bcz I’m following the Bride, God the Mother, as a member of WMSCOG. Before receiving living water from the Bride(heavenly Mother), I had just been looking after the things temporary, not knowing that there exists spiritual world where there is no limit of time and space. I’ve learned that no one can enter the kingdom of heaven without living water! And, this is why we all have to listen to God the Mother, who has come in the flesh!

  2. In this age, for our salvation we should receives our Elohim God, God the Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother!! They are our saviors in this age!! In other words, I am very happy to be in World Mission Society Church of God where They say “come”.

  3. I think that knowing who the spirit and the bride are is very important for receiving the salvation. Because they are giving the water of life! Any-age, Only God gives us the water of life. This age, In age of the Holy spirit, God the Father and God the Mother gives us the water of life together. I am really happy to meet them, and know where they are. WMSCOG believe in God the Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother! Please come and find them through the bible clearly

  4. The core of Bible is Heavenly Mother who gives us the water of life.
    People want to recieve salvation by believing in God the Father only. But Bible testifies about God the Mother(Heavenly Mother) who created us as creator from the book of Genesis, and Bible informs that Heavenly Mother will appear to give us the water of life in the last age with God the Father.
    The perfect salvation will be accomplished by believing God the Mother, not only God the Father.

  5. ‘Heavenly Mother’ is unheard-of concept to you? Definitely there exist ‘Heavenly Mother’ in the Bible and only those who believe in Her can be called as ‘God’s children’ and call Her ‘Mother’.
    How glorious it is that we meet God, Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, while living in this earth!
    Also we are spiritually no longer orphans, being born of Heavenly Parents.
    When you hear the strange concept, is it fair that you refuse it and consider it false without trying to seek the truth? I hope you to seek and find Heavenly Mother in the Bible, reading and studying carefully.

  6. The Bible is like a compass to guide to the kingdom of heaven or a DNA test to prove our spiritual family. And the Bible is made up of about our stories, father and mother.
    The Bible is more exact and correct than any other book. The book, Bible truly says that there exist God the Father as well as God the mother to give the eternal life to us.
    If you realize the truth through the Bible, you are the most blessed person.
    And soon you are going to recognize how much Heavenly Father and Mother love you. They are sincerely waiting for you to give the water of life in Zion.

    1. I think you use a suitable figure of speech!!
      Bible testifies that our Heavenly Father and Mother are our saviors who grant eternal life and bring back to kingdom of heaven. For this, They have come to this earth and established Zion. I give all thanks and glory to Their great love.

  7. Who on earth can deny the Bible, the words of God? No one in the world!
    The Rev. 22:17 clearly says that the Bride will come to us with the free gift of the water of life, along with the Spirit. The Spirit and the Bride must be heavenly Parents(God the Father and God the Mother). God the Mother’s coming in the flesh is great blessing for all of us, who are destined to die. According to the Bible, whoever receives the Bride will inherit the kingdom of heaven where there’s no more death or sorrows or pains.

  8. I’ve read Rev. 22:17 in the Bible. This was from God the Savior who will lead us to the kingdom of heaven. This means that Rev. 22:17 is God’s sincere promise for our salvation. In this age, only those who follow the Spirit and the Bride will be saved! That is, those who follow God the Mother whom Christ Ahnsahnghong revealed. God’s prophecies never failed at all!

  9. The propercy is absolutely achieved. Furthermore, it will be never changed and disturbed by anyone. Because it should be accomplished. So, the word of god is god itself. We have to trust and obey elohim gods propercy. Let’s prepare oil and light for our foreverlife elohim gods prepared for us.

  10. Now I can understand why a bunch of church can’t have succeeded thesedays.
    The eternal life that all the hristians want to get can be given only by God the mother.
    It is time to go church who believe in God the mother!

  11. I give thanks to Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem for allowing me to read this articles. And we can’t live without living water as all creature can’t live without water.

  12. Only the Holy Spirit and the Bride can give us the water of life, that is the salvation. Then we should know exactly who the Holy Spirit and the Bride are and where we can meet them. The holy bible teaches us where to go and whom to believe in so that we may be saved. We have only to follow the instructions taught by the Holy Bible.

  13. Our God who is worthy to receive all the glory and praise came to this earth only for us. However, lots of people including me didnt know and realize that they are our parents. But God the father and God the mother allowed me to accept them and receive water of life. I can truly believe them because they fulfilled all the prophecies of the Bible. I will deliver this truth to my friends so they can also receive the water of life.

  14. It’s so clear for us to believe God the Father and God the Mother in order to receive the water of life. And we can clearly nderstand this through the earthly system that we receive the life through father and mother. I am really thankful to Elohim God to know this and believe this and I can go to the kingdom of heaven.

  15. It is so perfect. No one can deny. The bible testifies about the bride who gives us the water of life is our Mother. Only those who receive Mother can receive the living water.

  16. I have heard the news once on tv that one of the leader tried to give his church members the water of life, that is real drinking water. He said he could give that like God. And even he insist that water can heal all the sickness. He must read the bible with humbleness. Only God can give us the water if life for our salvation thru God’s word. This age is for Spirit and the Bride who can give us water of life. We have to seek the real source of eternal life. God bless you!

  17. Whoever wants to receive the living water has to study the prophecies about heavenly Mother who is the source of water of life. The saviors in this age are God the Father and God the Mother. From the book of Genesis until Revelation, A bible testifies about our Elohim God.

  18. It is very clear that the Spirit and the Bride is very important for our salvation. And once again, I realized bible testifies the Bride clearly while reading. So I really hope many people can see this article and come to know this amazing truth!

  19. I don’t know how receive the living water of life before i read this. So i really interesting. Because many people read the bible but there don’t know about water of life. But the bible clealy record that Living water is god the mother.

  20. Through the bible we can absolutey understand, not only God the Father but God the Mother whom we need in order to recieve the water of life. God the Mother does exist and it is clearly testified in the bible. This is one of the biggest reasons why God gave us the bible. Thank you WMSCOG for once again reminding us our Heavenly Mother who gives us eternal life. And Thank You Heavenly Father and Mother with all my heart.

  21. We can receive only through the Holy Spirit and the Bride.
    The Holy Spirit means God the Father Ahnsahnghong. And the Bride means God the Mother. So, we have to receive and believe in God the Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for our salvation.
    Now….do you hear the earnest voice of our God??
    Please listen to the voice of our God and come to God the Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother!!

  22. We will be able to enter the Heaven through Mother who gives us the living water in this time. let us listen the voice from the Holy Spirit and bride, Father and Mother, so we will spend the eternal rest.

  23. The Bible says, “Blessed are those who participate in the wedding banquet”, or, “Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding feast.” I’m sure that the blessed people, who are invited to the everlasting heavenly wedding banquet, are those who believe the truth about God the Father and also realize and believe the truth about Mother completely.
    I believe God the Mother who testified in the Bible.

  24. Our God revealed the secret of the source water of life, God the mother in this last age. We are so blessed that we are living in this last age and have got the opportunity to know Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the mother! I hope you to Come and accept God the mother~~

  25. One common thing all human-being always have on their daily life is the water.
    It is very essential for everyone to be able to sustain their life.
    It is same spiritually. our souls cannot live without water of life and this is only can be given when we go to God the Father and God the Mother who is the true source of living water.
    we all suffering from the spiritual drought.
    let us truly believe in Father and Mother so we can quench our spiritual thirsty.

  26. It’s so amazing truth!! I really give thanks to father and mother. They have sacrificed themselves only for us. I will follow them till the end!!

  27. In my opinion, this issue is very important.
    If we worship God in ignorance, however diligently we do, it is meaningless. Think of Cain’s sacrifice. He believed in God, but he didn’t know how to worship God; he offered his sacrifice according to his own desire, and God rejected his offering. It was not pleasing to God to worship Him ignorantly and offer sacrifices without obedience to His will.
    Without knowing God, we can’t come to Him to receive eternal life.

  28. It is so amazing! We can recieve the water of life through God the Mother. We can be saved by Her. It is a GOOD NEWS everyone should know!

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